Bioregions 2020

If nature were to draw a map of the world what would it look like? We’ve grown accustomed to seeing the world divided into countries but there is another way to see, and better understand, the planet we call home. One Earth presents a novel biogeographical framework defined by 185 unique bioregions, which helps reveal the underlying ecological fabric of life that surrounds us.
Bioregions 2020 Overview
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The Bioregions 2020 framework is organized by the world's major biogeographical realms, the broadest divisions of Earth's land surface in which ecosystems and groupings of organisms share a common evolutionary history. These roughly correspond to the major continents of the Earth but are further subdivided. For example, the Neotropical realm is divided into Central America and Southern America. One Earth utilizes these 14 realm divisions – further divided into 52 subrealms, 185 bioregions, and 844 ecoregions – as a framework to better understand the natural world that surrounds us. 

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Discover your Bioregion

One Earth's interactive navigator lets you explore the Earth's bioregions and ecoregions and view active projects in the OE Marketplace by location.

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The Global Safety Net (GSN) is the first global-scale analysis of land areas requiring protection to solve the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change, upholding and strengthening Indigenous land rights.

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