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Banking Exchange (August 6, 2021) — Beyond TCFD: Nature and Biodiversity Reporting Standards Launched

Forbes (June 22, 2021) — Ambipar supports the Global Reporting Initiative in updating indicators for the preservation of biodiversity

Folha de S.Paulo (June 14, 2021) – Diversidade sociocultural da Amazônia é essencial para soluções climáticas

Sustainability Reports (June 4, 2021) — GRI Biodiversity Standard: Biodiversity crisis emphasizes need for corporate transparency

DAME (May 18, 2021) – It’s High Time We Listen To Indigenous Women On Climate 

Mississippi Free Press (May 18, 2021) – It’s High Time We Listen To Indigenous Women On Climate 

The Guardian (May 17, 2021) – Photographers rewrite list of ‘big five’ animals to shoot 

CNN (May 17, 2021) – The new 'Big 5' are for shooting with a camera, not a gun

BBC Earth (May 17, 2021) – Reimagining the Big 5

Forbes (May 17, 2021) – The Jury Is In: These Are The New Big 5 Animals 

Fast Company (May 4, 2021) – World Changing Ideas Awards 2021: AI and Data Finalists and Honorable Mentions 

The Earthshot Prize (April 29, 2021) – One Earth: Protecting cultural & biological diversity to solve climate change 

The Amazon Climate Forum (April 15, 2021) — Amazon Rainforest 100 Day Action Plan for Biden / Harris Administration

Mrs. Green’s World Podcast (December 14, 2020) – Three Pillars of Action to Solve the Climate Crisis

The Planetary Press (October 21, 2020) – Podcast: Karl Burkart, Co-Founder and Managing Director of One Earth 

The Guardian (October 12, 2020) – Why protecting indigenous communities can also help save the Earth

CBS Inside Edition (September 18, 2020) – How the Global Safety Net Could Save the Planet From Climate Change

Época Negócios - Globo (September 10, 2020) — Interactive map shows key regions that need to be preserved to limit climate change

Fast Company (September 9, 2020) – This interactive map shows the key places that must be protected to curb climate change

El Tiempo (September 7, 2020 — Científicos lanzan un 'mapa' para monitorear ecosistemas críticos

Mongabay (September 4, 2020) – How do we avert global warming, extinctions and pandemics? New app has answers

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